Western Urethane pioneered Imbedded fabric roofing over 30 years ago as an answer to the needs of the potash mining industry. A solution that provided long lasting protection from both internal corrosion and environmental damage was required for wood storage structures. Imbedded fabric roofing can be used for both new builds and as replacement roofing solution. Imbedded fabric roofing in perfect for industrial storage buildings, arenas or other large wood construction buildings.

Imbedded fabric roofing offers many advantages over traditional roofing solutions. So why should you choose imbedded fabric roofing by Western Urethane?

  • Reduced material costs
    • We all want lower costs. Imbedded fabric roofing can reuse any existing structure that is not damaged, meaning you only need to replace what is damaged
  • No more weather damage!
    • Imbedded fabric roofing will not be lifted or damaged by extreme weather. This means lower maintenance costs and no emergency repairs, so you can focus on what really matters
    • If the fabric is damaged by projectiles repairs are fast and affordable
  • No corrosion
    • Imbedded fabric roofing doesn't use any materials that can corrode and it completely seals the wood from sun and rain damage. No more rust or rot.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Imbedded fabric roofing has clean lines which gives your buildings a clean, professional look.

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